Always forward-looking while respecting the past and traditions, ZUBU offers up the perfect balance of new and old.

Fun-filled youthful energy beats through ZUBU’s restaurants and culture. Innovative cuisine is at the forefront of the guest experience, complemented by exceptional customer service and the never-ending pursuit to create unforgettable experiences.

Besides a variety of ramen options, diners may enjoy an electric menu that features temaki, hand-made gyoza and so much more. ZUBU has expanded to four locations in the Lower Mainland; Olympic Village, Kerrisdale, Metrotown, and Park Royal in West Vancouver.

Executive Chef
William Cao

William Cao is an expert in Japanese cuisine with a career spanning 8 years. He started off after graduating from the Kitchen Hyodo Ramen School in Oyama, Japan, where he learned how to make mouthwatering ramen that brings out the flavor of every ingredient into the soup.

His love for food is undeniable since he enjoys the search for the freshest ingredients from local farmers and markets to use as natural umami into the making of his special ramen bases.

William is excited over the opening of ZUBU since it's an opportunity to share the restaurant's promising potential to offer different kinds of tastes through a colorful variety of broths.

/‘ZÜ BÜ/
To build tight or close connections through common interests and goals.
Each location has something familiar yet unique to offer;
whether it be our addictive ramen, fresh temaki, homemade gyoza, or satisfying rice bowls.
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We look forward to you joining our exciting journey.
Moreover, we look forward to serving you soon!
Operations Manager
Andy Wu

Andy Wu has a substantial amount of experience ranging from different industries, but shines prominently in the Food & Beverage sector, opening 11 successful businesses in less than 10 years. Andy is also a nationally well renowned radio personality, and award winning singer/performer.

With ZUBU, Andy culminates his vast knowledge of the industry, to work with a closely knit team to better serve communities around the Greater Vancouver area and beyond for years to come.

Andy’s recommend dish:

Gyoza & Wonton
“We take great pride in our hand-made Gyoza and wonton, and these dumplings have a special place in my heart…and my stomach! With different varieties and cooking methods, I tend to eat it everyday! I’m excited to serve my favourite dishes to our communities in the hopes that they’ll taste and experience the love used to prepare their food.”

Tim Yu

Tim Yu has had a whirlwind journey before he founded ZUBU in 2020. He found himself in different industries after he moved from Taiwan to study in the University of British Columbia, which opened doors for him in entrepreneurship which led to a fruitful career in construction. He dove in head first, building several residential sites before moving into commercial infrastructure that got him into the restaurant scene.

In a short span of time, Tim managed to open 5 locations, all of which are 100% locally owned and operated. His strong desire to connect communities has taken him into moving towards more exciting business ventures that led to the establishment of ZUBU.

His Co-founder, Kodai Umezawa, came from Japan and continued his studies in Canada. He then started his journey and now has been in the industry for 15 years as a consultant and has facilitated multiple successful restaurants. He sees himself as a gateway of the Pacific Ocean since he seeks to bring together Japanese and Canadian culture to create mind blowing flavors.

He is the heart of ZUBU especially since he was the one in charge of directing the team on opening during the pandemic when restaurants were operating via take-outs only. His love for F&B drove him to solve the kinks in the operations and put the pieces in place. Kodai Umezawa has been an important member of ZUBU and remains to be at the center of it all.